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Liquid BBL

Liquid BBL is a revolutionary, minimally invasive method of increasing volume to the rear. Similarly to how filler has been used cosmetically to enhance the appearance of the nose, lips, and cheeks, it can now help you achieve the rounded back you've always desired...
Buttock and hip fillers are a quick and easy solution to get the desired buttock contour without the need for surgery.

A non-surgical butt lift (also known as a bum filler) is a butt lift performed without surgery. Instead of using liposuction and fat transfer, which are both semi-invasive surgical procedures, a non-surgical butt-lift uses injectable dermal fillers and Hyaluronic acid to round, sculpture, and shape out the buttocks in essentially the same way that a surgical treatment would, but it is much safer.
It is a wonderful technique for you to attain the butt you have always desired in a safe and easy manner!
Bum filler can help you achieve a better-shaped bum, a larger bum, and fill in your hip dips.
For a perceptible change, we recommend a minimum of 100ml of filler and offer up to 400ml per session.

A consultation is REQUIRED in order to establish the amount you need.


When applied by a certified and trained medical professional, dermal fillers are generally regarded as safe. However, just like any medical procedure, there are risks and adverse effects to using dermal fillers.
Dermal fillers may pose the following risks:
1. Infection: Any injection, including dermal fillers, carries the risk of infection. Infection can cause major problems in some circumstances.
2. Allergic reactions: Some people may be allergic to the ingredients in dermal fillers, which might result in an allergic reaction.
3. Hematomas: Hematomas or bruises might form at the injection site, especially if a blood artery in the face or lips is accidentally pierced.
4. Nerve injury: Nerve damage can occur if the filler is injected too deeply or in the wrong spot. However We keep the Liquid BBL under the epidermis when numbing locally and then place the filler with a cannula to avoid hitting a nerve. This danger is most commonly related to face filler treatments.


Note: Before undergoing the procedure, it is critical to examine the potential dangers and side effects of dermal fillers with our certified medical professionals.

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